Some men are at risk for low testosterone. This can lead to an array of physical, mental, and sexual symptoms. Low testosterone is a manageable condition; we provide tailored, evidence-based treatment.

There is no consensus about what defines a low testosterone level. Every man is different, but—in general—a level that is repeatedly below 300 ng/dL is considered to be low in a man who is experiencing symptoms.

In some cases, treatment  involves injections of testosterone; other patients benefit from oral medications. In other instances, low testosterone is best treated by managing underlying causes like excess weight and sleep apnea.

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If you have not had your testosterone checked within the past six months…

And you would like see if you have low testosterone, please have your testosterone checked. You may order your own testosterone test from Walk in Labs.

Be sure to order a Total Testosterone (serum) rather than a more complex or expensive test.

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