NEW PATIENT insurance card and photo



Look for an email with new patient paperwork. Be sure to click "Finish and Submit" after completing each form.

  • You will receive new patient paperwork by email. It should arrive within 60 minutes of scheduling your appointment.

  • Complete each form, and sign it using your mouse, use your finger on a tablet or phone, or use a trackpad.

  • Be sure to click "Finish and Submit" after each form (not "Save.")


If you were unable to take photos of yourself and your insurance card...

Step One: Insurance Card

Please send us a copy of your insurance card in jpg or tif format.

Please include both the back and the front sides of your card.

Please use your name and birthday in the subject line.

Send a copy to


Step Two: Photo

We keep a photo of you in your chart. It makes us easier to recognize you, and it makes it harder to make a mistake.

You may change the photo any time.

If you prefer, we can take your photo in the office, but may patients prefer to submit a photo themselves.

The dimensions of the photo must be:

Width: 109 pixels
Height: 94 pixels

You may use jpg or tif formats.

Send a copy to