Insurance & Billing


Copays & Deductibles


A copay is the amount that you pay per visit. It is generally somewhere from no charge to $50.

There is usually no copay if you are receiving a strictly preventive service (like a routine physical examination), if you are just receiving a vaccine without an office visit. All other visits incur a copay.

Men’s Medical is a primary care clinic, and we charge the relatively low copay associated with primary care services. We do not charge the higher copay sometimes charged for seeing a specialist.



Some insurance plans require you to pay a percentage of the charges for your visit.

For example, your plan might require a $20 copay and 20 percent co-insurance. If we charge $100 for the office visit, you will owe an additional $20 to Men’s Medical, and we will send you an invoice.

Coinsurance does not typically apply to strictly preventive services.


Most insurance plans require you to pay up to a certain amount of your medical costs every year.